Details on Phase 2 (Very Low Calorie Phase)

Diet programs play an important role in helping the person to lose weight. With limited free time available by their side, people are looking for diet programs that would immediately bear results. One such program that has been found to provide instant benefits is the HCG diet program.

As part of the HCG diet program, one has to consume HCG drops and then follow a low calorie diet. The low calorie diet program has been split into four different phases. Among the different phases, phase 2 has been considered to be the most important phase as the dieters are asked to consume only 500 calories every day during this phase. The following section provides useful information and details on phase 2 of the HCG diet.

Dieters often feel that following a 500 calorie food regimen is pretty difficult. Some of the dieters experience deep hunger at certain points during the day during the first week. This experience varies from person to person and largely depends on the time intervals at which they consume phase 2 approved foods and also the kind of diet food they consume. The majority of the people, who had a very positive impact through this program, recommended plenty of protein rich and fiber rich foods to be consumed. In addition to consuming diet food, one has to drink large quantities of water at frequent intervals to control their hunger pangs. The phase 2 of the HCG diet program primarily comes in the form of Very Low Calorie diet program.

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Program

This is the phase in which the actual weight reduction happens and the dieters have to limit themselves to 500 calories a day. VLCD program usually lasts for 21 - 41 days and the dieter has to take the HCG drops on all the days except for the last two days of the program. During the VLCD period, the dieters have to continuously track the amount of calories they consume on a daily basis. Dieters can include protein rich food and fruits as part of their lunch and dinner. A lot of leafy vegetables have to be consumed during the entire duration of the VLCD program. Dieters would experience the maximum weight reduction during the first week of the VLCD phase. Some can even lose 2 pounds of weight on a single day during the first week of the VLCD phase.

Important Tips to be followed during VLCD phase:

  1. It is mandatory to consume 3 liters of water during the VLCD days. By consuming 3 liters of water, the body gets the required amount of potassium needed for an undisturbed sleep and also to prevent the occurrence of cramps.
  2. Consuming food rich in L-glutamine will help the person to control his/her cravings for tasty and sugar rich food.
  3. For people with depleting energy levels, vitamin B12 supplements and natural food rich in vitamin B12 would provide the extra energy needed to sustain the day with 500 calories.
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