What to Do If You Cheat On the HCG Diet

The human chorionic gonadotropin diet or HCG diet is one of the several diets available for people who want or need to lose weight. It is also one of the most effective diets out there which will really yield good results provided you strictly follow the diet plan. Just like other diet plans, the likelihood of cheating on this diet is not impossible especially if you are tempted by sumptuous meals and mouth-watering foods like chocolates, cakes, pastas and others. But there are some strong reasons why you should not cheat on your HCG Diet.

Slows Down the Dieting Process

The HCG diet includes the introduction of hormones in the body and cheating while on this diet will just slow down the process and may even yield different results than intended. With this diet, our body is starting to get used to hormones which are not normally replenished in the body so cheating or any deviation will just confuse the body more and you may not lose weight..

Weight Point is Unstable

Weight point is the body's ability to limit weight gain to a certain point where you will no longer gain extra weight unless you will continuously overeat. When we are on the HCG diet, our body's weight point is reset to a lower number weight point. If we cheat on this diet, we will not be able to achieve that result and may contradict the goal of lowering or resetting the weight point to a lower number.

Being the humans that we are, we may, at one point or another, be still tempted to cheat while on the HCG diet. Those irresistible foods may get to us and may push us to deviate from what we are doing. If so, do not feel devastated as you can still stand up from the stumble and get back on HCG dieting path. Here are some steps you can do if you cheat on your HCG diet.

Take a Halt!

If you know you have already cheated, take a halt and hold those reins even tighter. Do not push yourself into more than the "cheated bite". You know it is off the HCG diet goal and you should no longer push for more. Do not get your hopes down either, the earlier you realize and accept that you should NOT be eating that food, the better chances of saving your diet plan. Do not be harsh on yourself either, just get back on your feet and start again.

Fight the Craving Call

You already took the craving call and you know it is not good for you so do not take the next craving call. Find ways to deviate from the craving instead of deviating from your HCG diet. Why not try fruits instead of sweets. Cravings can be easily swayed if your mind is busy with something else, like a hobby, some chit chat with friends and more. Search on ways on how you can fight cravings when they kick in.

Increase Your Fluid Intake

Fluids, especially water, helps flush out not only impurities but also toxins which should not be in the body. Increasing your fluid intake if you have cheated will help you flush out the food you took faster than just letting it be. Also, water has proven weight loss effects, which makes you hit two birds with one stone.

Cheating, deviating and making mistakes makes us human but a little discipline and self-control makes us better people. This will also help us achieve our goal faster and in a more efficient way. So taking the HCG diet by heart will reap you more good than harm.

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